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Vision Statement for Lake Middle School Counselors
The Vision of the Lake Middle School Counselors is..."Every Child College (academic), Career (career), and Community(personal social) Ready - 3CR".

Common Mission Statement For District 833 Middle School Counselors
In the South Washington County School District, the mission of middle school professional school counselors is to provide a comprehensive developmental school counseling program focused on academic, personal, social, and career development for all students, which fosters lifelong learners that are college, career and community ready.

Common Belief Statements For District 833 Middle School Counselors

Common Standards For District 833 Middle School Counselors

Professional School Counceling Program

Lake Middle School’s counseling department receives best practices award

(St. Paul Pioneer Press, May 13, 2012)

Congratulations to the Lake Middle School student support services department for winning the first annual Program of Promise Award from the Minnesota School Counselors Association. The award recognizes student support programs with an exceptional Support Personnel Accountability Report Card for Minnesota (SPARC-MN), which communicates the best practice comprehensive programming of a school counseling department based on effective implementation of national school counseling standards.

Lake’s 2011 Support Personnel Accountability Report Card for Minnesota

For more information, please visit the American School Counselor Association links below:
The Role of the Professional School Counselor
Why do we have Middle School Counselors?

Resources for Students and Families


MELSA Washington County Homework Help Now

Homework help and tutoring

Parent Portal
Monitor your student’s grades, communicate with teachers, and more. For assistance with a user name and password, please call 651-458-6218.

Kuta Software
Free practice math problems

Kahn Academy
Online math tutorials 


Local Mental Health Resources
A list of area counseling resources for your reference. 

Crisis & Grief Resources Tips for Families
This document from Crisis Management Institute includes Developmental Stages Of Understanding Death, Signs That A Child May Need Professional Help, Ways To Take Care Of Yourself At A Time Of Loss, Especially For Teens, Recommendations For Youth, For Students Attending Funerals

Bullying Tips for Parents
Ideas to support your child if he or she is being bullied or is exhibiting bullying behaviors.

Children’s Mental Health Fact Sheets
Descriptions of mental health disorders that may occur in school-aged children.

Girl Talk
A group facilitated by high school girls and advised by a Youth Service Bureau staff member. A safe place to discuss issues, learn from others, and build skills.

Washington County Family Resources
A comprehensive listing of county resources for a variety of needs.

Washington County Youth
Gives teen health information and suggests places that help  teens

*Lake MS does not endorse or give formal referrals.

College and Career

Career Cruising
A college and career planning website we use with students throughout the year. Your student can get the user name and password from their counselor.

Students take the EXPLORE in 8thgrade. This test helps students plan for high school, prepare for the ACT, and consider career directions.

A comprehensive college and career planning tool counselors will use with students in grades 6-12. Your student can get the username and password from their counselor.

“Funds for the statewide NAVIANCE Initiative were provided by a grant from the federal College Access Challenge Grant administered by the Minnesota Office of Higher Education.”


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