Battle of the Books Champs

Friday, March 9, 2018 - 13:48

Congratulations to Butter Milk Crispy Chicken (8th grade team), Literacy Llamas (7th grade team), and The Bus Drivers (6th grade team) - SEE THE WINNERS OF THIS YEARS BATTLE OF THE BOOKS! Good work everyone!


8th Grade Winners:
Butter Milk Crispy Chicken

Tyler Knutson

Matthew Bi

Will Coulter

Aviram Mikkilineni

George Cinader

7th Grade Winners:
Literacy Llamas

Madison Farley

Jesse Robertson

Jia Lauber

Kayla Winston

6th Grade Winners:
The Bus Drivers

Tristan Kuitu

Jameson Amel

Ryan Soenen

Ian Frankel

Brayden Carlson