Middleton 2nd Graders Visit for Mentoring

Friday, October 27, 2017 - 11:19

Today at Lake Middle School, mentoring became an important component of learning. Nicole Domer, 6th grade Critical Thinking teacher at Lake Middle and April Edward, 2nd grade teacher at Middleton Elementary fostered connections between their students as 6th graders provided guidance and feedback through interviewing 2nd grade students on a classroom project they completed. The 2nd grade student project was an individual “toy proposal/idea” that they have been creating in class. Sixth graders, actively listen to presentations, working one-on-one with 2nd grade students to help them refine their thinking and plans to generate more interest in their original proposals. This collaboration between buildings and grade-levels promotes leadership skills for our middle school students. It also helps build confidence in our elementary students as they gain presentation and communication skills working with older students. Leadership in academics and leadership among peers continues to be at the forefront of our mission at Lake Middle School and one of our core beliefs in helping students build and develop positive character traits.

Lake Middle School is very fortunate to have a new collaborative learning space in the remodeled and repurposed media center. This shared space allows for more collaborative program opportunities that spark curiosity and passion for learning among our students.