Olympic Gold Medalist Visits Lake!

Monday, October 30, 2017 - 10:42

It's not every day that we have an Olympic Gold Medalist among us!

On Friday, Oct 27 -- Mr. Carstensen's Physical Science Classes were visited by Karyn Bye Dietz of River Falls, WI. Karyn was a member of the 1998 USA Olympic Women's Hockey Team, winning GOLD and the 2002 USA Olympic Women's Hockey Team, winning SILVER.

Her presentation to Physical Science classes on Friday was inspiring and motivational! Karyn taught Lake students about visualization and what she learned from Sports Psychologists as she trained to get her head in the game. Karyn also taught students the art of practice and the importance of practicing how you play the game - a principle that helped her compete as an Olympic athlete.

Thank you for visiting Lake Middle School Karyn Bye Dietz and for reminding us what it means to be GOLDEN!

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