Order a Lake Yearbook Today!

Tuesday, August 28, 2018 - 13:13


The Lake Middle School 2018-19 YEARBOOK


Our yearbook is planned to include:

  • Sturdy soft cover including school name and year imprinted in foil

  • All color pages that vibrantly capture school memories

  • Zoom, a full-color current events insert that captures the top news stories of the year

  • Add on any of the following yearbook extras:

  • Student's school portrait and name printed on the cover adds a personal touch

  • Durable, high-quality hard cover protects treasured memories for a lifetime

  • 4 page Autograph insert to share messages with friends

  • Fun, repositionable stickers to decorate and personalize yearbook pages


Please order your yearbook by visiting:
School ID code: 12283719
Standard book: $35.00

ORDER NOW, book price will go up after April 2nd!

Add any extras for an additional price:
Hard Cover $5.00, Personalized Cover $6.00, Autograph Insert $1.00, Stickers $1.50
Discounted packages shown online.
Orders due by April 1, 2019
Standard yearbooks will be available to purchase after April 1st, however prices will increase. No extra options will be available after April 1st.