Parking Lot Information and Safety

Thursday, August 30, 2018 - 13:15


Dear Lake Middle School Families:

At the beginning of each school year, I receive many concerns regarding unsafe and inattentive driving in our parking lot (and surrounding streets) during school drop off and pick up times.  We are very fortunate that over the summer months, Lake Middle School’s parking lot was re-surfaced and traffic patterns reconfigured to improve and assist with the flow of parking lot traffic.  This project was in partnership and planning with the City of Woodbury.  You will notice new medians, additional lanes, signage and directive arrow markings.

Reminder that school at Lake Middle School will begin at 7:50am this year.  (Students are allowed in the front commons area as early as 7:00am and in the classroom hallways at 7:35am.)  We are a school community of over 1,200 students/ families and we encourage you to consider staggering your arrival (coming earlier) and/or departure times (leaving a few minutes later) to assist with parking lot congestion during these prime arrival and departure times. 

I am communicating information below regarding procedures specific to accessing our school’s parking lot.  You and your child’s safety is our number one concern and we ask that all families adhere to the recommended protocols and posted traffic signs and arrows/markings.  We also ask for your courtesy, patience and kindness when interacting with each other!

*Please note there are other city construction projects taking place surrounding our school and we encourage you to be mindful and cautious of students walking/bicycling to and from our school, as well as our crossing guard staff members.

Thanks for your cooperation and attention in this matter to ensure the safety of every member of our school community!


Molly Roeske, Principal