Review Important Transportation Information

Tuesday, May 29, 2018 - 13:07


Please talk with your student(s) about appropriate bus behavior so everyone has a safe and successful ride home!  As the end of the year approaches please remind students to continue to follow Bus Safety and behavior rules when riding the bus.  Bus Rules are posted in every bus. Last year, several students violated bus rules and used the rear emergency exit door at a stop along their route.  Unauthorized use of the emergency exit door not only violates State Patrol guidelines, it also an extremely dangerous act and a serious safety violation.  Consequences for this action and other misbehaviors will be implemented, and may include parent contact, assigned seating, Principal contact, summer detention, bus suspension, school detention and/or removal of all transportation privileges.  Consequences may affect bussing privileges for school year 2018-19.


Please take time to review the school bus rules with your student to ensure all students have a safe and successful ride to and from school.  Thank you!

Bus rules and additional information can be found on the District’s Transportation webpage at