Go Viral Presentation

Go Viral Presentation
Posted on 07/15/2019

Theme: Kindness—Social Media—Citizenship

Three-Screen School Assembly for Grades 6—12


Our brains seem to be hardwired to desire connection with others. Social media makes those connections easier than ever before and provides many ways to connect with people, not only those around us, but around the world. However, research indicates, that despite all the advances in technology, people today feel less connected than 30 years ago.


We attempt to connect with others by seeking digital pats on the back, likes, smiles, and hearts. We work hard to expand our lists of friends on various social media platforms believing that this will help us feel connected, important, wanted and accepted. Unfortunately, after doing all this work, too many end up feeling more isolated, rejected and alone. Some cope with this pain of isolation and rejection by resorting to smoking, vaping, drugs or alcohol. While others are motivated to bully and criticize others in their attempts to feel better about themselves.


GO VIRAL challenges students to make “real” connections. Students will be motivated to be “real” within the social media world. They’ll be challenged to post more encouraging and comforting comments. They’ll be inspired to seek out face to face encounters and go viral with kind words and a smile. They’ll be given the tools needed to lift one another up and champion each other’s accomplishments.


GO VIRAL will motivate students to build authentic relationships. Students will be inspired to improve themselves and look for the value in others. They will begin to establish an identity that others will look up to, and will work hard to become a role model for others to follow. GO VIRAL – think about it - Imagine

what the world could be like if we can go viral with our positive actions and attitudes. Let’s work together to make our positivity not only be contagious but to GO VIRAL!