Students & Families - Here are few resources to help your student be successful during Distance Learning

Beginning Monday, Nov. 16, all secondary students in grades 6-12 in the current hybrid learning model and in the Virtual Learning Academy will shift to distance learning under one schedule.

Secondary teachers who currently divide their time between both learning models will now teach one group of students in distance learning with real-time instruction and support opportunities.

The distance learning model is one of three models that South Washington County Schools created over the summer following state guidance and feedback from families.

Watch How to Distance Learn (4 minutes)


What is Real-time Instruction?

  • Real-time instruction means students and teachers are online, at the same time, with a set class schedule that is often taught through live video conferencing

  • All students are encouraged/expected to participate on a daily basis at the time scheduled.

    • Students who are unable to participate at the assigned time should contact their school to report the absence

  • Real-time instruction will be a part of each class for 30 minutes or more

    • An additional 30 minutes may be dedicated to small group instruction or for students who are struggling with the lessons

What’s New?

  • Students and teachers will shift to a more traditional Monday through Friday schedule

    • Flexible instruction days are being replaced with a regular instruction day

    • Students will continue to answer an attendance question in Schoology to record their participation in class that day - they will have until 2:00PM to do so.


  • Students in both the hybrid learning model and the Virtual Learning Academy will shift to a different schedule that includes a structured schedule

  • Students ARE encouraged to attend their classes and Homebase in "real time" per the schedule below Monday through Friday.

  • Students will continue with their Trimester 1.2 until November 24th. Trimester 2.1 classes will begin November 30th. Students can access Trimester 2.1 schedules/classes through Campus/Parent Portal. 

  • Students are expected to attend each of their classes daily for "live instruction" from their teachers per the schedule above and also attend Advisory/Homebase on Friday mornings at 8:30 AM.

  • Students are also expected to continue to answer their daily attendance questions for each class by 2:00PM each school day.   


 Attendance Due
by 2pm Each Day

distance learning student checklist

Distance Learning Daily Student Checklist



8:30-9:00 AM

(Fridays Only)

Period 1
9:05-10:05 AM

Period 2
10:20-11:20 AM

Period 3
11:35 AM -12:35 PM

Printable Distance Learning Student Schedule

distance learning schedule