LMS student recognized at Diabetes Virtual Camp

LMS student recognized at Diabetes Virtual Camp
Posted on 11/30/2020
This fall, Lake Middle School 8th grade student, Jake Merchlewitz, attended the Diabetes Virtual Fall Camp and completed a virtual internship with 150 other students from around the globe (students from Spain, China, Hawaii, etc.) to learn more about science, research, diabetes, and medicine. He learned from world-renowned scientists and physicians about new research related to diabetes. 

Jake was awarded for his completion and achievements by Dr. Jason Kim and his staff. 

The Diabetes Virtual Camp is a virtual research internship program that invites college and high school students interested in learning about biomedical research and academic medicine with a focus on diabetes. The program, now partnered with the American Diabetes Association, consists of Zoom sessions that highlight current topics in diabetes research and treatment as well as career path in medicine and science. The sessions are led by the Experts, who are renowned diabetes researches and clinicians from reputable universities across the county and will include a Q&A section at the end of each session. This virtual program is intended for students who are interested in pursuing science and medicine as a career path. This program is free to all registered attendees from donations made to the American Diabetes Association.

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to affect our daily lives, virtual experiential learning plays an important role in educating our next generation of physicians and scientists. Diabetes affects more than 34 million Americans, and the current pandemic has taught us that diabetes is a critical underlying condition that increases the risk of COVID-19 related complications and death. The urgency to find a cure for diabetes has never been greater.

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