Student Drop-Off/Pick-Up

LMS Student End of the Year Drop-Off/Pick-Up Information
Posted on 05/21/2020


At Lake Middle School we have developed a process for students to pick-up and drop-off items as the school year comes to a close. (For example, returning textbooks, library books, classroom items, Chromebooks, district-owned musical instruments, etc. as applicable).

Students will also have an opportunity to pick-up individual items from their physical education gym lockers and individual student lockers. The items in each of the lockers have already been bagged and all district-owned items (textbooks, library books) have already been collected from their lockers.


The grade level scheduled dates/times for this event are:

Tuesday, June 2nd 6th GRADE

9:00AM-12:00PM – Students with last names A-L   |   12:00PM-3:00PM – Students with last names M-Z


Thursday, June 4th – 7th GRADE

9:00AM-12:00PM – Students with last names A-L   |   12:00PM-3:00PM – Students with last names M-Z


Friday, June 5th – 8th GRADE

9:00AM-12:00PM – Students with last names A-L   |   12:00PM-3:00PM – Students with last names M-Z


*Unfortunately, due to COVID-19, the production of our 2019-2020 School Yearbooks have been delayed.  Lake yearbooks will not be available for pick-up the first week of June. However, when they do arrive, we will communicate out a curb-side pick-up option/event for students/families to pick them up as soon as possible.


8th grade class t-shirts WILL be available and given out on Friday, June 5th to our 8th grade students!

Please know that there are very planful social distancing procedures that we are asking students/families to follow during these grade level events.  

Parents are asked to drop their child(ren) off at Lake’s activity/pool door entrance, stay in their cars and transition to the bus parking lot to wait and pick their child up after they have completed the pick-up/drop-off procedures in the building. See exterior map/directions below. This process should not take students more than 5 minutes or so to complete due to their familiarity with the building and their locker locations, signage and staff supervision from a distance.
drop off pick up route


Grade level staff members will be supervising the process and encouraging students to stay along the marked pathway, but there will not be any physical exchange of items. Students will be placing returned items on pallets and/or in bins provided at each identified station. There will only be a one-way pathway for students to follow through the building/stations as communicated on the map provided here.


In preparation for this event, students should print off the “Student Pick-Up/Drop-Off Checklist” and “Building Map” that shows the drop-off/pick-up stations provided here AND BRING IT WITH THEM! These two documents will help students prepare and organize themselves and their belongings for what they will need to bring to Lake and be familiar with the process when they arrive.  


Below is a list of “Frequently Asked Questions,” but don’t hesitate to contact the front office if you have further questions. 


This is definitely not the way we envisioned ending our school year.  We continue to be so appreciative of our students, families and Lake school community. THANK YOU for what you have accomplished during a situation which none of us could have anticipated.

Most importantly, just know we miss our students so much.



If I have more than one child at Lake in different grade levels, can I have my children come at the same date and time?  YES.

If I am unable to make the assigned time can we come during another grade level date/time?   YES. The purpose of the current grade level/alphabetized schedule is to stagger the students arrivals as much as possible.   


Does my child have to wear a mask when they are in the building?  We are not requiring students to wear a mask, but we do encourage it. 


What if I am uncomfortable having my student come into the school for this event?  If you are uncomfortable with the event, you do not have to attend. You can contact the Lake Middle School Front Office beginning Monday, June 8th, and throughout the summer months, to make alternate arrangements. 

What if I need access to the Chromebook I checked out through Friday, June 5th,  but I am assigned to drop it off sooner than that date?  If you are a 6th or 7th grader who needs access to the Chromebook through June 5th, you can choose to return your belongings on Friday, June 5th.

If I checked out a Chromebook, can I keep my Chromebook during the summer months?  NO. Software updates need to be added to the Chromebook to have them prepared for fall. However, all District 833 middle school students will be assigned an individual Chromebook for their use in the fall!


Can I visit teachers and staff members in their classrooms or use the school’s restrooms during this event?  Unfortunately, NO. Due to social distancing and the safety of our students and staff members, students will not be able to veer off the marked pathway for this event. (*However, you will be able to wave at the staff members from “afar” who will be supervising the drop-off stations and one-way path through the school!)


Can I drop off any items for a teacher/staff member?  YES. However if you do, please make sure it is in a bag and it is labeled specifically with the teacher’s name on it. These items should be dropped off at the Main Office at Station #7


What if I have any other questions?  If they are specific to a class or teacher, please contact them directly by email or phone. Lake Staff Directory is located here. You can also call the Lake Middle School Front Office at 651-425-6401, which is open 8am-3pm each weekday, or leave a message and someone will return your call.