Positive Climate Committee

The Lake Middle School community is committed to continuously nurturing a positive climate. The entire school and larger community does a number of things to help facilitate a positive environment for students to learn, grow, and thrive. By committing to a positive climate, Lake staff, students and families support an environment where bullying is not tolerated.

On November 4, 2011, Lake Middle School staff and students heard a powerful message from Rachel's Challenge. This student opportunity was made possible by funding from Lake's PTA. Our speaker challenged students to take on 5 challenges, which we continue to strive to meet. Ever since this initial presentation, the Lake PTA has funded a building-wide presentation each year on Unity Day that supports a safe, inclusive and positive school environment for everyone.

Some specific activities at Lake that promote a positive climate include:

6th Grade:

  • Camp 6 Transition Programming
  • WEB "Where Everyone Belongs" Program
  • Guest speakers

7th Grade:

  • Presentations from the School Resource Officer
  • Guest Speakers
  • Homebase Team Building Curriculum and Events

8th Grade:

  • Language Arts unit addressing identity and tolerance
  • Literature circles with a focus on tolerance regarding the Holocaust
  • WEB "Where Everyone Belongs" Leadership Program

Across All Grades:

  • Implementation of Homebase Team Building Curriculum as an avenue to build community throughout the student population
  • Digital Citizenship Curriculum
  • A comprehensive Student Rights and Responsibilities policy that addresses bullying and harassment
  • Curriculum that develops cultural awareness and sensitivity through world languages
  • Use of literature circles to connect students interpersonally and intellectually
  • Personal connections to literature
  • Promote sharing of ideas with validation from peers and teachers
  • Wide range of extracurricular activities to connect students based on shared interests
  • Reflect our values in our physical space and décor
  • Model a collaborative and supportive environment
  • Model inclusion and ask students to do the same
  • Demonstrate caring, listening, and encouraging
  • Put our best efforts forward and validate one another
  • Flexible curriculum and activities that intentionally respond to the current climate
  • Community building activities in classes at the beginning of the year and throughout the year
  • Emphasis on being a supportive, encouraging team member in music
  • Student Literacy Council unifies the building around a literacy theme

The PCC would like to thank all the staff, students, families, and community members that already work hard to create a positive environment for our students. We will continue the work we already do and add new activities that foster a positive climate.